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What is a Sound Bar?

So, to answer the question, What is a sound bar?

what is a sound barA Sound Bar is a compact home theater system in a single cabinet or box that simulates surround sound.

Often self powered, sound bars may support a subwoofer for maximum bass response.

The “virtual surround sound” from a soundbar is produced by psychoacoustic effects that adjust the timing and volume of the various speakers. Some units bounce the sound off side and back walls, which can be effective in small rooms, while others do not rely on precise placement.

Sound bars units may be physically wired to your TV or many newer models are now wireless.

Advantages of a Sound Bar

1.  Ease of Use – The time and effort required to setup a sound bar is much less than installing a traditional home surround sound system.  With a sound bar, you do not need to wire the entire room.  Most of them mount under the TV or monitor and thus take up much less space.  This makes them ideal for smaller rooms.

2.  Cost – If you have a limited budget to spend on home audio, a sound bar may be just what you are looking for.  Most sound bars do not require a receiver to drive the speakers.  That alone saves you between $200 – $300 on the price of your home theater system.  A better than average sound bar should cost you less than $300.

3.  Better Sound – Why settle for the stock speakers that came with your new Flat Screen?  Chances are if you have a new TV, it can display high definition programming.  Why should you settle for second rate sound?  The answer is that you shouldn’t.  For a few hundred dollars more, you can upgrade the audio to match the display.

To sum it up, a great sound bar can be both a cost effective and space saving replacement for a multi-speaker home theater system.

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